Champi – Head & Shoulder Massage

Despite its name, Champi therapy involves work on the head, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. In addition, Ayurvedic texts relate certain parts of the head to other body parts and/or symptoms. This means that a Champi Head Massage will not only affect your head, but you may also feel relief and balance spread throughout your body from various different points.

Champi Head and Shoulder Massage

Champi Head and Shoulder Massage

An instant stress-buster, Champi uses warm herbal oil for the head, face and shoulders. Treats the throat, forehead and crown chakras as well as numerous marma (pressure) points. Relaxes the mind and calms the nervous system. Used in conjunction with Abhyanga, this treatment is an antidote to stress, depression, anxiety and mental tension. It clears the mind and revitalises mental capacity, thus improving alertness, concentration and focus levels

This treatment has the following benefits:

  • Fast relief if short on time
  • Good for balancing the body
  • Nerves in the head that affect the whole body are massaged
  • Ideal for sufferers of fatigue or cramps
  • Helps eliminate infections
  • Relieves mental and physical strain which results in improved concentration and productivity
  • Passive movements and manipulations that encourage tension release
  • Helps improve mobility in neck and shoulders
  • Relieves tension and adhesions in muscle tissue by assisting the removal of waste and toxins accumulated in muscle tissue by stretching and manipulating the fibres
  • Improves blood flow which aid the nourishment of muscles and may promote hair growth
  • Additional nourishment and moisture to the skin and hair
  • Increased circulation of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain


Treatment time: 45 minutes + 15 minutes sound therapy – $95

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We recommend this treatment be used in conjunction with Abhyanga, Kizhi or Marma treatments.