• Eat foods to build your Immune system – fresh fruits, cooked-warm vegetables & grains.
  • Herbs – Amla juice, tulsi, ginger, Guduchi, moringa powder chavanprash, pippali & turmeric.
  • The best prevention is to Boost your Immune System through wholistic Ayurvedic Detox. Detox Renews & Restores your Energy & “reboots” your System.
  • Yoga and pranayama [yogic breathing] boost your immunity. Make fun and laughter part of your life.
  • Get 6-8 hours sleep. Lack of sleep weakens the Immune system and creates imbalances in the body.
  • Stay Calm, manage your stress. Stress & fear weaken the Immune System.
  • Follow all Hygiene recommendations – wash hands frequently, including before food preparation, use hand sanitiser regularly, cough or sneeze into your armpit, and avoid touching your face.

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