The Panchakarma process focuses on a five-pronged or five-fold approach to restoring optimum health.

Completely individualized, your Panchakarma treatment is designed in consultation with one of the centres Ayurvedic doctors who will advise which treatments are necessary. This is based on a number of factors including:

  • Your body type/Constitution
  • Immune status
  • Digestive strength
  • General health and well-being

The procedures recommended will then be administered by a trained and experienced therapist, in a definite sequence, for a specific period of time.  These may include:

    • Abhyanga or ‘herbal oil massage treatment’, which involves herbal oils being massaged into the body to penetrate deeply through the skin into the tissue and muscles. It encourages the elimination of stagnant waste and allows nutrients to reach starved cells. The result is an increased state of awareness, directing the body’s internal healing system.
    • Shirodhara or the ‘rebalancing treatment’, which involves a continuous flow of herbal oil being poured gently across the forehead to calm the mind and spirit.
  • Pizzichilli
  • , a luxury ‘free-flowing’ treatment that involves a constant flow of herbal oil being poured gently over the body. The synchronicity of the message and the warmth of the oil provide a cleansing of individualised

  • Udvartana, which involves a healing warm oil massage to encourage the elimination of toxins deep within the body and tissues followed by an exfoliation treatment with an Ayurvedic herbal paste to enliven and revitalise the skin.
  • Garshana or ‘dry skin brushing’ which involves a silk or cotton glove being used to gently ‘brush’ the body, cleansing the skin and enhancing circulation.
  • Swedana is a herbalised steam bath, individually prepared, in which the heart and head are maintained at a cool temperature while the rest of the body is heated.  This allows for the removal of emotional, mental and physical toxins that are deeply lodged in the tissues.
  • Basti is the Ayurvedic version of a herbal enema. This is used to draw toxins out of the colon and is generally the last stage of each daily Panchakarma regime as it releases toxins from the day’s treatments. In addition, it transports Ayurvedic medicines into the tissues and blood.
  • Nasya is an ancient Ayurvedic nasal treatment that combines a head, neck and shoulder massage with organic aromatherapy products and the application of warmed herbal oil to the nasal cavity.
  • Pinda Swedana is a rejuvenating and deeply relaxing treatment where rice is boiled in a combination of 12 herbs and milk, then massaged into the joints and tissues.

How will the process unfold?

  • Initial Consultation – Your initial consultation for detox will begin with an Ayurvedic consultant conducting a thorough examination. This enables your Doctor to prescribe a program that is tailor-made for your own specific health issue. As you progress through your treatment program, you will be given specific instructions regarding diet and essential oils and herbs to be used at home. When used correctly, your digestive organs and liver will be stimulated, resulting in the elimination of toxins.
  • Set aside 3-7 days – Your treatment will unfold over a series of consecutive days (3, 5 or 7) so make sure to clear your schedule
  • Prepare to adjust your diet – The perfect food to accompany your detox will be provided for you during Panchakarma. You can support the process by ensuring you are drinking plenty of water and caffeine-free herbal teas and steering clear of any processed foods.
  • Schedule in plenty of rest – It is normal to feel quite tired during the initial stages of your detox. Honour your body and mind by resting as much as possible.

While Panchakarma is normally a comfortable and enjoyable experience, there may be some discomfort associated with the intense release of body toxins. That’s why it’s imperative that a trained expert administers Panchakarma because they will recognize the signs of proper (and improper) Panchakarma therapy.

Cost: $1795 for 3 days

For more information, contact us at 02 9389 2581 to discuss your needs with our qualified and experienced staff.

Reviews on TripAdvisor

“ I came into my first experience with Ayurveda – a three-day Panchakarma/total body detox – depleted, drained, barely functioning…a mere shadow of myself. Body processes were subpar, long sustained rampant stress levels abounded and my spark had been extinguished. I emerged from my detox – and subsequent rejuvenation treatments – restored. My personally tailored treatments were profoundly healing on many levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel rejuvenated and deeply nourished. I feel…whole.”

As seen in Daily Life by Stephanie Darling @mrssdarling

The lowdown Two weeks before my three-day “wellness detox”, I’m examined, my imbalances are diagnosed, and I’m prescribed tablets to help “loosen the deep-seated toxins”. Each treatment day begins with a head-and-shoulder massage and foot bath, followed by a body massage with herbal oils, a steam and a scrub.

Results Two days later, I was experiencing astonishing energy levels. Two weeks later, I’m still in the power zone and many people have commented on my clear skin.


Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is a member of the Ayurvedic Association of Australasia

Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is a member of the Ayurvedic Association of Australasia

Finalist of the India Australia Business & Community Awards 2016

Finalist of the India Australia Business & Community Awards 2016