Indian Ayurvedic Medicine in Bondi,Sydney

At the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre, we are lucky to have a fully qualified doctor and a number of highly trained Ayurvedic therapists on our staff who are experts in traditional Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. This qualified and experienced team are able to assess, diagnose and recommend the correct treatment path for a wide range of different ailments. To find out more about the different ailments Ayurveda treats, please click here.

Ayurvedic Medicine with authentic herbs and oils at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Indian Ayurvedic Medicine with authentic herbs and oils at the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Bondi,Sydney

If you choose to consult with one of our doctors, you will experience a thorough consultation that examines the health of your entire body and mind. Ayurvedic medicine seeks the root cause of the problem and corrects any imbalances that may be occurring to return balance and wellness to your body. Ayurveda treats every individual as completely unique and thus your treatment plan will be exclusively tailored to your specific needs.

Depending on your health concerns, you may be prescribed a variety of different modalities to help with treatment, these may include:

It’s important to note that you don’t need to be ill for a consultation. If you are seeking a better pathway to a balanced body and mind it can be just as beneficial.

You also do not require a consultation to experience any of our spa or massage/body treatments.

Ayurvedic Medicine can be used to treat the following:

Soothe nervous system & stimulate immune system click here

Fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, memory improvement and tension click here

Weight loss and body toning click here

Cramps and sound sleeping click here

Pain, rheumatic and arthritis click here

Aches, pains and stress click here

Skin complaints click here

Couples massage treatment click here

Sexual healing click here

Skin, cellulite, internal metabolism and internal toxins click here

Insomnia and stress click here

To find out more about the healing herbal oils used throughout our treatments, click here