Ultimate Bliss Pampering Package


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45 mins Full Body Massage – Soothing the Nervous System and Stimulating the Immune System.  This therapy uses herbal oils to suit your individual body type or dosha. It promotes the penetration of herbs deep into the tissues so that impurities are loosened and separated. This is a gentle but firm Ayurvedic massage from head to toe, assisting circulation and deep relaxation.

15 mins Head & Shoulder Massage – Instant stress buster. Uses warm herbal oil to treat the crown, forehead and throat chakras, as well as numerous pressure points, relaxing the mind and nervous system.

45 mins Shirodhara – a steady stream of over two litres of warm herbal oil is poured slowly and gently over the third eye. This combination balances the chakras & nervous system and provides great benefit for insomnia and stress.

30 mins Udvartana Herbal Scrub – For Weight Loss and Body Tone.

After a preparatory Abhyanga full body herbal oil massage, your therapist gives an invigorating massage using herbal powders. This massage stimulates hair follicles and subcutaneous fat tissue to break down fat deposits.   Treatment is concluded with a shower.

30 mins Kizhi Herbal Pouch Massage – For Aches, Pains and Stress

Special herbal powders are tied in muslin to create a pouch. These bags are then infused with warm herbal oils, and are then massaged into muscles and joints requiring treatment for aches and pains.

30 mins Sound Therapy – Ancient healing music called Gandharva is played whilst you relax and sip a delicious detoxing herbal tea, completing the transformative sensory experience.

Duration: 205 minutes, $495