Dr Kalpna Sharma B.A.M.S.

Our Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kalpna (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India) specialises in Kerala style Detox and Rejuvenation (Panchakarma) and holistically healing the body through herbs, massage, lifestyle changes and natural immune boosting.

With a background in Women’s Health, Dr Kalpna is passionate about disease prevention and natural healing in our often highly stressful world and believes that Ayurveda can help us to maintain great health, without any side effects. She encourages her patients to ask themselves how they can stay healthy and shift the focus away from outside stresses and onto their own well-being.

Dr Kalpna is an accredited Ayurvedic practitioner with The Australasian Association Of Ayurveda and has experience treating a variety of health concerns including:

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A consult with Dr Kalpna is 60 minutes in length and costs $120 with a rebate being available from some health funds. Prescribed herbs are a separate cost on top of consultation.

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Client testimonials

“I recently completed a 3 Day detox program with the Wellness Centre and found the entire experience wonderful. The Ayurvedic Doctor was warm, caring and thorough and the treatment program was designed for me and my circumstances which is what sets holistic health treatments apart from the standard Western System of “in one door out the other”.
The Therapists particularly Linda were very gentle and caring, with you as the centre of attention the whole time..”

– Tony S– Bowral, Australia

“The word ”detox” does not remotely describe this treatment. Rejuvenation and revitalisation would be much more appropriate. I was surprised by the incredible feeling of well-being and connectedness in my body after the second day. Just sitting and resting and feeling euphorically happy and connecting again with the simple experience of life was so rewarding. I felt like several layers of something heavy had been pulled off me. The treatment itself was so wonderful and enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to coming back. Thanks to everyone at the centre for making the weekend such an amazing experience.”

– Sabine Cotter – Macquarie Bank

“ What can I say!!!!!!…it was bliss that we thought we would experience only in Kerala. The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre was fantastic.My husband received a generous gift voucher from his work colleagues to this centre. We had just a year back visited a 5 star Ayurvedic centre in Kerala and did not realise that we had our own 5 star in Sydney!!!!.
We felt totally rejuvenated and felt complete sense of well-being after attending the Centre. The doctor on site gave us very good consultation before we had our treatment.
The Ayurvedic doctor and staff were very knowledgeable and knew exactly what we would need to get this out of the world experience. Loved the whole treatment….so much so we went back again ……and will be making more visits to the WELLNESS AYURVEDIC CENTRE!

– Aruna R – Sydney, Australia

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